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MapInfo Professional® v17

The world’s most accessible GIS provides the most advanced raster grid analysis solution

The latest MapInfo software update has brought with it an array of exciting features. This time, groups of users reviewed and tested every inch of the beta version whilst Pitney Bowes tweaked and refined.
The result is a program that not only halves the speed of everyday GIS processes but is more user-friendly and intuitive than ever before. Each tool can be found with less clicks and each process loads in record time.

MapInfo V17 Drivetime Regions

Key New Features

  • Work Faster
    In this digital age, everyone has more work to do and less time to do it in. Pitney Bowes have responded to user feedback by providing a version that dramatically improves user's efficiency and speed. New features include:
  • The QuickSearch toolbar, added to the top right of the screen, which allows you to rapidly find and launch commands, directly from the dropdown list.
  • A range of hotkeys have been added to allow you to flip between tools without moving your mouse. These include ESC for Select Tool and Ctrl+Shift+I for Info Tool.
  • Right click anywhere to bring up a mini toolbar of your favourite and most used icons. You can fully customise these icons in the settings to make tasks as easy as possible.
    Raster data files that were impossible to open in previous versions now load in seconds thanks to a complete backend overhaul. SQL queries too, load in half the time, leaving you spending less time staring at a screen and more time finishing projects.

Work Smarter
Your GIS software should enhance your projects not hinder them. MapInfo 17 has a selection of well thought out additions which will make your work easier:

  • The thematic maps options have been extended to allow bin customisation and filtering on all features including points, lines and polygons, not just regions as in v.16.
  • A new inbuilt Drivetime tool has been included which can measure distances from a specific point ie, the distance achievable by car in 5, 10 and 15 minutes. Both time and distance can be measured - invaluable for a wide range of tasks including school catchment areas, retail store locations, emergency vehicle response times, etc.
  • The Bing Imagery has been updated to a newer tile set that will be kept updated by Microsoft, providing noticeable improvements to the Road and Aerial Maps.
  • A layout designer and mini layout toolbar have been added to version 17 allowing you to create your own templates. Snapping and alignment have also been improved with SmartGuides.
  • SmartText has been added which allows you to define dynamic values to a text box eg, todays date, page number etc, using MapBasic expressions.

Work Together
Unless you're fortunate enough to work in a large spatial intelligence department, GIS users often don't have anyone to turn to for advice. MapInfo Li360 is an online, global community accessible straight from the new MapInfo welcome screen (or visit li360)

  • Over 10,000 topics covering a range of questions on how to use MapInfo.
  • Quick Search box allowing you to see if your question has already been asked by another MI user.
  • Global community with active contributors from fellow users to Pitney Bowes experts.

MapInfo V17 Help

Making The Transition
Version 15 was the last version to offer a 32-bit option, Version 16 and 17 are only available in 64-bit. This is great for MapInfo users as the extra power lends itself to faster rendering and loading all round. MapInfo 17 is still backwards compatible with older 32-bit files and the mini toolbars feel very similar to the old 32-bit toolbars, easing you into the new ribbon interface.

MapInfo Pro™ Advanced v17

MapInfo V17 Advanced

MapInfo Advanced is more powerful than before and can handle datasets at terabyte scale. It now comes with a handy Align tool to allow you to snap rasters together so that the geometry of both are matched. Improvements also include the ability to georeference multiple images using control points, known as 'Warp' and the 'Polygonise' tool which can turn a raster file into vector features and outputs.


Windows 7 (64-bit SP1)
Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
Windows 10 (64-bit)
Windows 2008 Server R2 (64-bit SP1 with XenServer 6.0)
Windows 2008 Server R2 (64-bit SP1)
Windows 2012 Server R2 (64-bit only)
Windows 2012 Server R2 (64-bit with XenApp 7.5)
Windows 2016 Server (64-bit only)
Windows 2016 Server (64-bit with XenApp)

Relational and spatial databases: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostGIS, SQLite, ODBC compliant databases, OGC GeoPackage

And these are just the improvements!

For further information, please contact the Sales Team at CDR Group on 01433 621282

Contact sales for further details.

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